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RMCP Support Line

Peer Support is Valuable, Unique, and Meaningful

Whether coping with mental differences, supporting someone with behavioral health issues, battling isolation, struggling with substance use or managing complicated relationships, sometimes people just need a person to talk to…someone who is “like me,” who can identify with real life challenges associated with behavioral health issues. Peer specialists are prepared to listen, provide support, validate experiences and explore each caller’s story in a confidential non-judgmental conversation.

Rooted in the practice of Intentional Peer Support, Support Line Services involve two people who have lived experience with behavioral health and crisis connecting in ways that contribute to both parties learning and growing. Peer Specialists provide individuals in need with productive guidance; modeling elements of hope, support, wellness, recovery, and facilitating problem solving through the Support Line.

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7 AM -Midnight Everyday | Call 1.844.493.TALK (8255), and follow prompts to Opt-In to the Support Line

Strengths-focused, compassionate, and confidential telephonic support 365 days a year.

Who Answers the Phone?

Our Support Line is staffed by trained Peer Specialists who offer strengths-focused, compassionate, and confidential telephonic support 365 days a year, from 7:00 a.m. - midnight. Our Peer Specialists are individuals who have lived experience dealing with mental illness or substance use challenges, who are in recovery, and are dedicated to providing support for others facing similar challenges. Our Peer Specialists are from all walks of life, and are trained to provide supportive listening, coping skills, tools to facilitate change, stress reduction, self-empowerment, and hope.

Our Support Line training is comprehensive, and has been approved for professional credentialing for Colorado Peer and Family Specialist certification.

A Shared Experience

Peer support is different from other kinds of help. It is not about providing treatment, being a paid friend, or taking care of someone. Peer support is about two people who have lived experience with psychiatric diagnosis, extreme states, hearing voices/having visions, suicidal intensity, self-harm, substance use, and crisis connecting in a way that contributes to both parties learning and growing. This service may be provided in addition to or instead of clinical support. Peer support is a way for people from diverse backgrounds who share experiences in common to come together to build relationships in which they share their strengths and support each other’s healing and growth. It does not focus on diagnoses or deficits, but is rooted in compassion for oneself and others. Through peer support, we can challenge ourselves and each other to grow beyond our current circumstances and build the lives we choose. Peer support is intentional, meaning we come into the relationship with a specific purpose in mind: to communicate in ways that help both people step outside their current story.

Core Components of Peer Support

Creating meaningful, mutual connections with others through shared experience

Explore traditional and non-traditional pathways to healing and recovery

Telling and retelling our stories to make meaning of life challenges

Creating plans and working toward living the lives we choose

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