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RMCP Mobile Dispatch Services

Mobile Dispatch Brings a New Wave of Mobile Crisis Service Utilization to Colorado

Offered through the State of Colorado's Crisis Services System, Mobile Crisis Response services allow for mental health professionals to meet an individual in-need in their own environment, provide an in-depth assessment and intervention, and reduce the need for law enforcement involvement or utilization of emergency room psychiatric services. It is an essential service to the community, and has had rapid growth over the past 40 years, with one key challenge - the lack of centralized management for Mobile Crisis Response requests.

Rooted in partnership with Mobile Crisis providers; Rocky Mountain Crisis Partners now provides the solution to the challenge of Mobile Crisis response with our Mobile Dispatch facility, receiving Mobile referrals and coordinating timely response amongst all Mobile Crisis providers in the state in a one-stop location. RMCP Dispatch Specialists have provided Dispatch services 24/7 to the Colorado Crisis Services System with an emphasis on training for Mobile Crisis providers, inclusionary assessments, and use of evidence-based care. Since beginning Dispatch services in September of 2020, RMCP has worked to tap into the larger potential of Mobile Crisis Response and increase utilization of the service through timely and efficient coordination of care Statewide.

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Mobile Crisis Response

Consists of: Mental health professionals providing psychiatric/counseling services, outside of traditional clinical setting. Face-to-face, intensive, brief intervention during a behavioral health crisis.

Benefits: Diversion from Law Enforcement and Emergency departments, prevents of loss of independence; Link to outpatient and other services, access to care for hard-to-reach individuals.

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