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RMCP can operate YOUR custom Crisis Line

We are the proud provider of customized crisis line services (LiveConnect) for agencies and population-specific helpline groups across Colorado.

A Dedicated Crisis Line for your Needs

Does your organization have consumers with 24-7 behavioral health needs? Do you struggle to support them during non-business hours? Have you thought about creating a crisis line for those individuals in the past, but haven’t had the funding or infrastructure to be able to do so? If so, we have a perfect solution for you…LiveConnect Services

Cost Effective Professional Services

RMCP understands that behavioral health crises can come about at any time, without warning, and are often difficult to plan for. It can be costly and logistically complicated for agencies or organizations to offer 24/7 availability to clients in distress.

Because of this need, we have developed LiveConnect services - customized, dedicated, and professional crisis management services.

Having extensive knowledge in behavioral health and substance abuse crises and access to the most comprehensive resource directory allows our team of crisis clinicians and triage specialists to deliver professional and continuous “after-hours” or 24-7 crisis services across the state of Colorado, reaching your specific-population in need through a cost effective and reliable partnership. Mental health and substance abuse agencies, colleges, health insurance companies, and other providers in the behavioral health field turn to RMCP to function as their Crisis Service.

A Qualified Partner for your Line

RMCP is a non-profit organization that operates state-wide, 24/7, year-round crisis management services where people experiencing mental health and/or substance abuse can call or text in to be assessed, safely and effectively stabilized, and effectively linked to appropriate follow-up care and services by mental health professionals. In 2017 alone, we handled nearly 230,000 calls in our state-of-the-art call center in Denver, Colorado. And to support our callers, we maintain a directory of over 2,500 local services that allow us to connect individuals with the most appropriate resources and referrals.

RMCP’s leadership team possesses decades of experience in crisis call center development and management. We have a multi-disciplinary team of triage specialists, peer specialists, and crisis counselors; each provides a vital and unique role in supporting our callers and texters. Additionally, our staff is highly trained in mental health and substance abuse assessment, stabilization, and triage.

RMCP goes the extra mile to ensure we consider your community’s history, culture, and the intimate needs of your clients and stakeholders. Regular communication and an open forum for continuous improvement is our key to success.

RMCP utilizes a sophisticated and secure web-based platform integrating phone, data, and resources. This allows for the a seamless caller experience and value-added service to our partners including:

Accessibility of to-the-minute call performance monitoring, client call activity, and utilization reporting
Dedicated phone lines complete with customized answering verbiage, decision trees, and escalation or resource triaging protocols

Our Current Customers & Pricing Models

Our current LiveConnect customers represent a diverse cross-section of agencies and organizations who have consumers with behavioral health needs, including: community mental health centers, colleges/universities, behavioral health treatment providers, and other health care companies. Each of our customers has been able to better serve their clients in distress and reduce costs by using RMCP to answer their crisis lines. RMCP believes in a transparent pricing model that carefully considers the intersection between value and cost to deliver. This typically includes a one-time implementation fee plus a per call rate; however, other LiveConnect customers have chosen to go with a flat monthly or annual pricing rate depending on their call volume needs.

What Next

If you’re interested in learning more about how LiveConnect can work for your organization, please contact RMCP’s Clinical Operations and Quality Assurance Specialist, Josh Larson, at joshual@rmcrisispartners.org or directly at 303-928-7100, ext 7240. We would be happy to speak with you further about the specific needs of your organization, and share with you how LiveConnect has helped many Colorado behavioral health organizations better serve the needs of their clients while realizing significant costs savings.

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