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Crisis Line Services

24/7 Crisis Response for Colorado

24/7 Crisis Services for all Coloradans

At RMCP, we view crisis as an opportunity for individuals in struggle to grow and change.

We believe in resilience, and support callers in developing self-advocacy skills and self-empowerment. Through effective Crisis Intervention, RMCP helps individuals restore feelings of control, voice and choice into crisis situations. This allows callers to find strength and empowerment as they grow through intense and overwhelming experiences.

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Crisis is Self-Defined, there is no problem too big or too small.

Not all Crisis Lines are created the Same

At RMCP, we operate our Crisis Line services in line with our mission, vision, and values around Effective Crisis Intervention. Crisis Intervention & Triage is a unique services that requires expertise, broad decision trees, coordination of care, and follow up. Through a variety of Crisis Line Programs, RMCP offers statewide, 24/7, year-round telephonic and electronic crisis management services.

Crisis services must embrace the belief that the crisis experience presents a unique opportunity for individuals and families to connect to life changing treatment and education, regardless of whether it is the first or one of many crises the person or family has endured.

There is no wrong door for crisis care | Anyone who is personally, or is looking to help another, struggling with a mental health, emotional problem, or substance problem can benefit from Crisis Services. RMCP is here in this moment to help find a path to recovery and growth. All calls and messages get immediate, expert, crisis care.

The RMCP team rapidly evaluates complex behavioral health situations, then develops, recommend, and support clinically appropriate and least restrictive crisis interventions to be implemented with individual clients, their families, and a wide variety of community helpers, including law enforcement and EMS personnel.

RMCP handles nearly 250,000 calls annually in our state-of-the-art call center in Denver, Colorado.

Colorado Crisis Line

1.844.493.TALK | A proud provider of 24/7, free, professional Crisis Line services to the Colorado Crisis Services System, serving the State of Colorado, in partnership with Colorado's Mobile Crisis & Walk-In Centers. Crisis Services are offered through phone, text, with triage to RMCP's Support Line available. The Colorado Crisis embraces the 'no wrong door' approach to helping all Coloradans in need of mental health and substance use support, removing barriers to treatment along the way.

Colorado Crisis Services System
Text Messaging Services

Text 'TALK' to 38255 | Offered as a part of the Colorado Crisis Services System, RMCP offers Text Crisis Line service to those who prefer a non-telephonic method of communication. Messages can expect the same level of Crisis Services and professional response through electronic communication as they do over the phone.

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National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

1.800.273.TALK | A certified local provider of this national service, RMCP responds to Lifeline calls from all Colorado area codes and coordinates with nation-wide providers for local resource triage out-of-state. Lifeline calls often originate from callers experiencing a suicidal crisis or are in a high level of distress. This line is highly publicized in times of celebrity or media-involved crises.

National Problem Gambling Helpline

1.800.522.4700 | A local provider of this national service, RMCP responds to Gambling Helpline calls from all Colorado area codes. Crisis Services are aligned with RMCP's approach to Crisis Line services, and staff are also trained to address specific addiction issues that Gamblers face, and understand local resources available for Gambling addiction.

National Gambling Helpline
Dedicated Crisis Line Services

RMCP is successfully providing customized, seamless, and trusted assistance to a variety of local agencies, and population-specific helpline programs; serving their clients in need through a dedicated program line. Local presence, knowledge of local resources, technology and data capabilities, and professional clinicians have allowed RMCP to be effective in providing a cost-saving option for customized Crisis Line or helpline services.

Start Your Own Line

24/7 Crisis Services & Resource Triage for University of Colorado Student-Athlete Alumni. RMCP provides Crisis Line services to this specific population in an effort to support its members in Crisis and ensure behavioral health hardships are not faced alone. Staff are trained to address issues that student athletes face, and understand local resources available for to these alumni.


Who Uses these Services?

Crisis Services are perfect for any individual in need of mental health or substance use help, information and referrals.

Crisis Services are also perfect for any concerned other or community helper (providers, law enforcement, EMS personnel, etc.) who is in need of RMCP's outreach or consultation on an encountered crisis.

Crisis Services are for anyone who may be depressed, going through a hard time, or just needs to talk, including people who are thinking about suicide. Any life issues may be discussed with Crisis Counselors who are here to listen and support through whatever difficult times you may be facing.

Crisis Services are for individuals in Colorado free of charge, regardless of your ability to pay, your unique characteristics, or your location.

Effective Intervention & Triage bring RESULTS

Reaching those who otherwise would not get care
Prevent crisis for those already in treatment
Help people to navigate the system for access to care
Support sober living
Develop a coordination of care loop with providers and first responders to crises
Psychoeducation and counseling for prevention of future crises
ED Diversion
Public Health & Safety
Suicide Prevention
Remove 911/Law Enforcement usage burden
Free Help for Families
Resource for other community entities

Professional & Expert Staff

RMCP is staffed by skilled and compassionate professionals and peers where those who seek services receive the highest quality, state-of-the-art, recovery-oriented, care. RMCP uses a Care Team Model that weaves varying expertise including but not limited to Peers with Lived Experience and/or who are living in recovery, Bachelor's degree behavioral health professionals, Master's degree behavioral health professionals, and licensed behavioral health oversight staff.

Driving Outcomes through Data

RMCP is Learning & Informing the Community Through Data Analysis

RMCP is currently partnering with NAMI in Colorado Springs to analyze text data specifically for trends related to text usage, and what that means for our community and our teens in Crisis:

Text Data Dashboard & 'Now What' Analysis

Includes Text Data Only

Text Trends Dashboard
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