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Veteran Follow Up Specialist

Veteran Position | Evaluate, Intervene, Recommend, and Support

Job Description

Follow Up Specialists rapidly evaluate complex behavioral health situations then develop, recommend, and support appropriate telephonic crisis interventions to be implemented with individual clients, their families, and a wide variety of community helpers, including law enforcement and EMS personnel.

Main Areas of Responsibility


Provide appropriate follow up calls and telephonic case management to callers identifying with behavioral health concerns, as determined by follow up program protocol

Initiate follow-up communication to check on client welfare, encourage service linkage and continue to express messages of care and concern.

Assess situations and behaviors as presented.

Receive incoming calls and electronic messages (Follow Up) from clients, families, law enforcement, and other community helpers, in a back up function in the call center

Provide caring contact, short-term goal planning, motivational interviewing techniques in order to improve post crisis functioning

When required, provide suicide and homicide risk assessments telephonically

When required, counsel, negotiate, support, mediate, and intervene with callers/texters to defuse crisis intensity and prevent self-harm or harm to others.

Determine and recommend appropriate interventions and deliver crisis interventions.

Maintain accurate and current records; maintain their security.

Maintain systems for measuring necessary aspects of operational management and evaluation.

Support the recovery and strengths of our callers, their families, community helpers, and other RMCP staff members.

Support a positive and effective working environment, representing the organization in a positive way internally and externally.

Participate in individual/group supervisions and attend internal trainings.



Veteran status (Served in some capacity in any branch of the military, National Guard, Coast Guard)

Eagerness to engage with Veteran’s and Service Member’s throughout Colorado to offer support and crisis intervention, utilizing personal experience as a rapport building tool for successful interactions.

Ability to establish rapport, engage in active listening, collaboratively problem solve with callers.

Comfort in utilizing computer applications (i.e. phone system, call documentation system)

Ability to efficiently learn, maintain, and demonstrate mastery of RMCP operational protocols.

Ability to exercise excellent independent judgment with minimal direct supervision.

Excellent oral and written communication skills and familiarity with computer use.

Knowledge of substance abuse, mental health, and recovery issues and principles.

Knowledge of issues pertinent to survivors of violence and abuse.

Eagerness for professional and personal growth opportunities.

Flexible schedule, availability to work holiday


Bachelor’s degree or equivalent non-U.S. degree (psychology or related field preferred) OR
Identifies as a person with lived experience regarding mental health and/or substance use issues.

Actively engages in personal recovery plan; minimum one year.

Ability to summarize positive effects of recovery experience and be willing to share in a way that would be helpful to callers
1-2 years of experience in a customer service role or call center environment

Demonstrated skills and/or knowledge of clinical assessment, crisis intervention techniques, and/or treatment planning


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