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A Foundation of Support and Community Partnerships

A Proud Partner & Collaborator

A 'Colorado Native' organization, RMCP is a proud partner to various local community providers, individuals, and supportive entities; all working to achieve collaboration and shared goals for the betterment of our community. We value our relationships in Colorado and we value the various funders and supporters of the RMCP mission.

Below the Surface Text Services

Text Services supporting NAMI's (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Below the Surface Text Pilot campaigns, marketing to high-schools and providing data analytic results for teen and youth populations.

Agriculture & Farming Communities

Integrated Crisis Line Programming and Training specific to the rural and frontier populations in Colorado, in coordination with the Colorado Department of Agriculture.

Opioid Referral & Follow Up Services

Programming for Opioid Follow Up and Mobile App Services in coordination with Federally funded State Targeted Opioid Response efforts.

Law Enforcement

RMCP partners with the Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area law enforcement referral response and coordination, in addition to collaboration with and training for various Colorado Law Enforcement Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) programs.

Foster Care App

In collaboration with field advocates and the State of Colorado, RMCP partners with the Foster Care community for Crisis Response tailored to Foster Parents and their in-the-moment needs.

Diversified Funding & Support

More than 200 community members worked for years to build and support Rocky Mountain Crisis Partners (Metro Crisis Services, Inc). Representatives of publicly-funded and privately-funded mental health and substance abuse treatment programs, law enforcement agencies, universities, advocacy groups, foundations and philanthropists have all contributed to the effort.

RMCP has continued this effort since its inception, and relies greatly on diversified funding sources to do so in a comprehensive and effective way. Currently, RMCP is supported through the following Funding Sources:

Government programs and contracts | Federal, state, and local government entities; directly linked to the programs served through the contract

Dedicated Program Service Lines (Liveconnect) | Directly linked to the service provided and additional general operating support

Foundation Contributions | In support of the mission, vision, and services provided by RMCP, and the growth of programs which are only partially funding by Government contracts

Hospital Revenue | For direct partnerships with hospitals for Follow Up Service provision

Donations & Contributions | In support of the RMCP staff, and the growth of programs which are only partially funding by Government contracts

We believe in diversification of income, in support of the future of our Services and the health of our Community in Need.

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