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Rocky Mountain Crisis Partners

Committed to making a difference in our Colorado Community

About RMCP

Rocky Mountain Crisis Partners, previously Metro Crisis Services, is a non-profit organization created in 2008 to fill a unique void in mental health and substance abuse treatment that is in-the-moment crisis care. Rocky Mountain Crisis Partners successfully achieves its mission everyday with each caller who interacts with our various programs, and each life that is positively impacted by our presence in the community. Rocky Mountain Crisis Partners meets folks with a ‘no wrong door’ approach, and is committed to making a difference in the lives of so many in our Colorado Community.

A Mission Driven Organization

Whether it is the first or one of many experiences, if treated in an atmosphere of respect and compassion, crisis can be a unique opportunity for individuals and families to connect to life changing treatment, support and education.

Learn more about what drives RMCP at its core, as we seek to achieve our Mission, Vision, Values, and Guiding Principles each day.

Dedicated & Knowledgeable Executives

RMCP is led by a team of strong, devoted, and passionate individuals; each bringing a unique strength from their diverse experience and expertise. RMCP executives strive to achieve strategic goals toward excellence in the field and community it serves, as a premier employer, and for each individual RMCP engages with through its program services.

RMCP leadership staff are proud representatives of the organization as a whole and the life changing work we achieve each day.

A Team of Highly Skilled Professionals

From Top-Down and Bottom-Up, the RMCP Team achieves results each day. Every member of the RMCP Team is key to our success, and the quality of services we provide to the Colorado community in need.

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Compelling Work & Opportunity, Competitive Pay, and a Valuable Team Experience

Leaders in the Field

RMCP is accredited with the American Association of Suicidology, is a proud provider of both the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and the National Problem Gambling Helpline, and is nationally recognized as a leader in Crisis Work.

RMCP regularly participates in training and presentation of its state-of-the-art Crisis & Support Line services and contributes to elevated and informed national standards of crisis care. RMCP collaborates with Crisis Service providers nationwide to develop and achieve best practices for effective crisis care and models the results in its programs each day.

RMCP's Peer Training is credentialed through Colorado's Peer & Family Specialist program, its its combined Crisis & Support Line workforce is an innovative model unique to RMCP.

RMCP is an integral part of the National Crisis Field - learn more about our contributions and participation nationwide.

A Foundation of Support and Community Partnership

A 'Colorado Native' organization, RMCP is a proud partner to various local community providers, individuals, and supportive entities; all working to achieve collaboration and shared goals for the betterment of our community. We value our relationships in Colorado and we value the various funders and supporters of the RMCP mission.

We are sustained by a broad (and steadily expanding) coalition of funders, which includes State, county, and municipal governments, local corporations and small businesses, foundations, hospitals, individual philanthropists, and ordinary citizens who donate their money and time to help this innovative community service grow.

RMCP Services Provided

This is what we do. For our community in need. We are Colorado's free 24/7 resource for in-the-moment Crisis Care.

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